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Good attendance in school is crucial for a child to reach his full potential. Each school year has 182 student days, except for Kindergarten students, who attend school for 178 days. We are aware that illness, injury or other emergencies sometimes occur that prohibit students from attending school. Each student’s attendance will be recorded daily. When a student reaches 5 days of absence, a letter will be sent to the parent or guardian informing them of the number of days their child has accumulated up to 10 days. After a student reaches 10 days of absence, a second letter will be sent home explaining the need for a doctor’s excuse for each additional absence. Please be informed that a doctor’s excuse letter can be sent home at any time if a student is chronically absent. Also, if your child has been hospitalized or has a known illness and/or injury, the school may waive the doctor’s excuse order. We believe that each case is unique. The need for a doctor’s excuse letter will be determined on an individual basis by the building principal. Students may also be excused early for a doctor or dentist’s appointment if the pupil submits a note or appointment card to the office.


All children will be released from the office. The person picking up a child will need to sign the child out and present a photo ID. Please remember to send a note to the school office if you plan on having someone other than you pick your child up from school. Non-custodial parents also need a note and ID.


The School District recognizes that, from time to time, students may have the opportunity to participate in pre-planned trips and educational experiences during the regular school year. Upon receipt of a prior written request from the parents or guardians of the pupils involved, pupils may be excused from school attendance to participate in educational tours or trips. The determination of each request will be made on the following: prior attendance records, previous requests and frequency of such requests.

An educational travel form should be submitted at least two days prior to the date of departure. Students will be limited to 5 days of educational travel per year. Customarily, any days exceeding the 5 allotted days will be counted as unexcused or illegal absences. However, the building principal will always make the final decision if additional days can be granted. Please remember that a separate form should be signed for each child with the Eastern Lancaster County Schools.


When a pupil is absent for any period of time, he/she is responsible for submitting an excuse card or a hand-written note to the school office. This card/note is to be completed by the parent or guardian of the child and returned to school within three days of the absence. A written, signed excuse is required. Any student failing to produce an excuse will be charged with an illegal absence. Any student accumulating 3 illegal absences will be notified via certified mail from the district office. For certain infectious illnesses or conditions, a physician’s excuse must be furnished. Please note that no excuse card is needed if the school nurse sends a child home.