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Parent Communications

PREP Program for 5th and 6th grade ELANCO parents:

Red Ribbon Week is October 23 – 31, 2023. National Family Partnership provides drug awareness by sponsoring the annual National Red Ribbon Campaign. It is a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. In addition, we want parents to feel comfortable talking with their children about substance use and the risks.

Join Us for PREP, Prevention Resources and Education for Parents

Presented by Caron’s Education Alliance Student Assistance Program Professionals who specialize in the prevention of substance use disorders. This one-hour presentation provides parents and caregivers of elementary, middle and high school students with information that research shows can help reduce the chances that their child will engage in substance use. It will be offered:

* In person on October 24 at Blue Ball Elementary school from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. This is for parents of 5th and 6th grade students attending Blue Ball, Brecknock or New Holland Elementary Schools.

Jeannine Strom Boyer, Elementary SAP Specialist at all three ELANCO Elementary Schools, will facilitate.

No cost – Registration encouraged, email your name (s) and school your child attends.


* Virtually on Zoom with presenters Nicole Rex and Selena Morresi   Cost: Free - Registration is required. Go to

Dates:   October 11, 2023 12pm - 1pm EST

               October 17, 2023 7pm - 8pm EST

               January 25, 2024 12pm - 1pm EST

               April 9, 2024 12pm - 1pm EST

   April 16, 2024 7pm - 8pm EST

Questions: Please contact

 * Digital learning program on the Caron Treatment Center website

Take the PREP Program any time at your convenience by going to the Caron website, reviewing a course brochure, and signing in to take the course. 

Objectives of this presentation include:

• Provide information on current youth drug trends, such as vaping, and the dangers of use to the developing brain and body

• Empower parents and caregivers with effective communication skills when talking with their children about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use

• Review the importance of establishing clear rules and consequences at home regarding substance use

• Evaluate resiliency factors that help protect kids from substance use

• Provide local resources if addiction support is needed  


ELANCO Plant the Seed of Learning FREE packs for Ages Birth-2:

November: Baby Talk and Oral Language (register by October 1)

January: Brain and Literacy (register by November 1)

March: Social and Emotional Learner (register by February 1)

April: Plant the Seed of Science (register by March 1)

*once you register you will receive all remaining packs*

For more information, visit 

or call 717-354-1552 ext. 2038

Emails with pick-up dates and information will be sent out each month.